September 2015 | Lola Mey’s 80th Birthday

My family has hosted so many occasions at the Glendale Lakes Golf Club, we’re practically VIP.  I think we’ve had enough parties there to have naming rights to the ballroom, if not the entire venue!  We’ve done my mom’s retirement party there along with my dad’s and my uncle’s 70th birthdays.  X-Fade has also done a couple gigs way back when we were in high school for the Glendale Heights Lions Club.  As you can see, we’re very familiar with the venue.  We appreciate the Glendale Lakes staff for always taking care of us and making it a convenient space to DJ.
One of my grandmas celebrated her 80th birthday with family and friends from as far as the Philippines to join us.  My uncle has a passion for interior design and made the room look amazing as always.  The program was very simple and heartfelt.  We heard speeches from some of my grandma’s closest loved ones, detailing how great of a person she is.
DJing for my family and older Filipino generations is always a fun experience.  Most of the weddings we do these days consist of 90s and 2000s throwbacks mixed with today’s hits so for these parties we’re able to throw it back even more to the 60s, 70s and 80s as well as mix up a lot of ballroom style genres.  It’s nice to be able to see the generations before us have a good time to the music they enjoyed.  I personally love mixing disco.  It’s practically house music with a lot of funk and groove!
It was another memorable family party and I’m sure not the last that we’ll be hosting at that venue!
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