When Worlds Collide + Throwback Thursdays

Back in the day we here at X-Fade used to create mixes, burn a few dozen copies, print labels, and sell them.  We did pretty damn well at times too.  It came to a point where years later friends and acquaintances would admit that they owned a bootlegged copy of one of our CDs.  Lol.  Sure I could have made another $5 or $10 bucks had they bought a legit copy but really that just proved people liked our stuff!

One CD series in particular was called When Worlds Collide, a collaboration between my friend Neil and I consisting of half dance music and half hip-hop.  We never made it past 2 volumes but we took pride in the concept and it’s definitely something that characterizes us as DJs today.  This week’s mix is an example of just that.

Similar to last month’s mix, here’s another full length 70+ minute mix consisting of one part hip-hop and one-part dance with a touch of…MOOMBAHTON (a newer fusion of electro, hip-hop and reggae).

Download link: Jeff Mabi 04.29.12 (Hip-Hop vs. House) <–right click, save as!

Also, this Thursday at LINKIN HOUSE we are launching THROWBACK THURSDAYS, a new weekly event with us + guest DJs throwing down hits from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s!  We have great drink specials lined up so come kick it to your favorite jams from the past!  Don’t forget that we’re also at MAD RIVER every Wednesday along with DJ NOYZE.  This Wednesday we start hosting BEER PONG Tournaments!


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